June 4-5 and 11-12, 2016 - 12pm to 8pm

Story and Characters

The Royal Courts 

Blue Baron
Home of Ali Akbar Mohammet el Mut Amin the Magnificent! Traveling from the mysterious lands of the south, the mighty Blue Baron Amin once again graces the village of Hillshire with the many wonders his court has to offer. Baron Amin has come in search of profit, wives, and, most of all, revelry!

The Blue Baron brings with him his bagoom (first wife), advisors, personal bodyguard, guards and a small number of his many beautiful wives and daughters. In addition, he has brought along his personal entertainers (although some would call them a burden), Akbar and Ahmid and their Circus of the Damned.

All of those wishing to take service with the Blue Baron should present themselves at his pavilion, for Ali Akbar Mohammet el Mut Amin richly rewards those loyal to him.

Red Baron
The Chevilario family, headed by Baron Dante Chevilario, is committed to hospitality, the musical arts and games of strategy. These celebrities of Venice see everyone as part of the Red Barony, whether or not they have admitted it yet. Despite the obvious political reasons for attending the fair, the Red Court has taken this trip as an opportunity for leisure, shopping, novelty and gossip.

The Green Barony
Ruled by the greedy tyrant Baron Charles Drake II and his wife, Baroness Cassandra Drake, the Green Barony is home to many of Tudor England's less than desirable characters. From thieves to murderers, cads and cutthroats, the Drake family once again ventures to the village of Hillshire in search of wealth and power. Through intimidation and violence, Baron Drake has established himself as a cruel and merciless noble bent on capitalizing on the misfortune and weakness of the citizens and patrons of the realm.

Baron Drake commands a retinue of servants, staff and mercenaries that see to his every want and need. The Dragon Guard are hired thugs and armsmen that carry out the orders of their Baron and Baroness with much sadistic delight.

To seek the favor of the Drake household, patrons must be willing to sacrifice all that they hold dear and present themselves before the ruler of the Emerald Throne. Should they succeed in their quest, Baron Drake will reward them for their loyalty and obedience. Failure, however, is met with swift retribution.

Located at the Tozier Sled Dog Track - 3400 E. Tudor Rd.

The Story of Hillthelstan

Learn the story of why the Barons come to Hillshire each year.

Towns People & Guilds

Meet the Citizens of Hillshire, Guilds and historic groups.

The Shows

The Fight Show, Tomato Show, Circus of the Damned, The Crooked Toad.