June 2-3 and 9-10, 2018 - 12pm to 8pm

Story and Characters

The Towns People of Hillshire

Alchemists Guild portrays merchants and magicians who seek profit, the secrets of the unknown, and entertainment through fines of the guilty, walk-around and stage magic, and puppet shows. They represent the home of the Hillshire Magistrate, who is the bane of fools and miscreants.

Crooked Toad Tavern Show portrays pirates out to have a good time at the Hillshire pub, the Cooked Toad, where they sing and tell tales of their adventures across the seas.

Benevolent Fellowship of Fools, Troubadours and Storytellers portrays a Small group of Fools and Storytellers who find themselves in many foolish perdicaments when they are not going around telling stories to anyone that wishes or listens.

Crimson Dove The town merchants have come together under one tent to provide a myriad of gaming opportunities. These games are designed to teach and entertain with historical games of dice, card and board. Beware as you play the game, the game may be playing you.

Tomato Wives & Sons portray a small group of peasants who gather and sell rotten tomatoes to be hurled at particularly bad actors as displayed in the popular, comedic, and messy Tomato Show.

Twisted Tadpole portrays a family friendly establishment for children of all ages offering games, stories, music, and activities.

Battlecrows provides organized instruction in the serious study and practice of historical European swordplay, as a modern school of swordsmanship and martial arts demonstrating the methodology of the ancient European fencing schools.

Wenches Guild comes from other guilds and all occupations, some by trade, others pirates, peasants, nobility etc. They come together in Hillshire to "promote" togetherness, self-empowerment, and the ideals that will not allow wenches to be degraded by men, by other women or themselves. However, nothing says they cannot be fun and flirty as well.

Special Attractions

Historic Recrudescence Guild portray village life during the middle ages, as living historians, building, reproducing, and sharing the customs, cultures, histories and lifestyles from dyeing, smithing, coopering, carpentry, masonry, weaving, embroidery, farming, cooking, and medieval European combat techniques.

Society for Creative Anachronism portray the Middle Ages and Renaissance eras and are dedicated to research and recreating the arts and skills of those times. They are their own non-profit organization and membership in the SCA is required to participate with them.

Located at the Tozier Sled Dog Track - 3400 E. Tudor Rd.

The Royal Courts

Meet the Barons and their Courts. Find out what motivates them.

The Story of Hillthelstan

Learn the story of why the Barons come to Hillshire each year.

The Shows

The Fight Show, Tomato Show, Circus of the Damned, The Crooked Toad.