3 Barons Renaissance Fair - June 1-2 and June 8-9 2024 Noon to 8pm!

Hail and well met Traveler

Fair Thee Well

See thee Anon

How art thou?

Three Barons Renaissance Fair 2024

This Year's Renaissance Fair Dates
 June 8-9 (Fantasy Themed) Noon to 8pm

New Location - 801 Pine Street

Russian Jack Springs Park North - in Anchorage

The new location resides within a residental neighborhood and though parking can be found, we encourage you to take the FREE shuttle from UAA's West Lot at Lake Otis and 36th Ave. The Cartee Ball Fields will be closed to 3 Barons Parking as they have a most wondrous tounament going on this weekend. We have increased the number of shuttles this year as well as expanded box office capacity to speed our guests through the process.

Prepare Thyself For Adventure

Our wondrous fair is held in commemoration of Hillthelstan the Bold, our communities namesake. This great festival is put forth annually over two weekends.

Rumor has it that the Green Baron that won the Spear of Hilthelstan in 2023, lost the deed to the land of our beloved Hillshire and so we are forced to find a new home. Will it be here? How did the Green Baron really lose the deed? 

Combat, entertainment, crafts and culinary delights greet all who join us.

Each year we are honored by the Barons: Red, Green and Blue, as they compete for the privilege of winning the relic associated with our shire, the Spear of Hillthelstan the Bold.

You determine the winner by voting with your wooden tokens.

Each day a winner will be announced for the celebration of all.   Join the merriment.

Tournament of Champions

Witness the live sword fights play out before your very eyes. Just like weapons clash on the tournament board, so do the Barons and their entourages. There is enough thrust and parry, wit and steel to keep you at the edge of your seats.

Merchants Abound

Wander the market of Hillshire and experience our culinary pleasures and artisan treasures. Take part in the games of skill, find a sword, or wand, or clothing meant just for you. Join us and delight in the many tastes and wonders our vendors have to offer.

Free Parking Shuttle

Our site will be on level soccer fields and is handicap accessible. The environment is the equivelant of a typical lawn. This site has no natural shade from the sun.

Please plan accordingly.

Free Parking Shuttle at UAA's West Lot to and from the site will be available.

We have NO designated parking adjacent to the fair site. To maintain proper emergency services access to the area, please use our FREE Parking shuttle.

Festival Hours:

12 pm to 8 pm

Saturday, Sunday


The first two full weekends in June.


801 Pine Street

Anchorage, Alaska




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